Who is Miheeka Bajaj, the Girlfriend of Rana Durgabati?

Miheeka Bajaj is a well – known Interior Designer and Event planner of Mumbai. Until now, she was a highly sought after personality in the high end circle of Mumbai and Hyderabad for her immaculate skills in design. However, now, she has become a national sensation.

Miheeka Bajaj

Rana Durgabati has shared his engagement with Miheeka. That is enough to make people frenzy to find more and more about her. Within few minutes, she becomes the most searched name on Google India.

Profile and Wiki of Miheeka Bajaj

Miheeka was born and brought up in Hyderabad. After completing her schooling, she went to Mumbai for higher study in designing. Her mother – Bunty Bajaj – is quite a respected figure in the world of jewellery design. Miheeka did a diploma course in interior designing from Mumbai and went to London from where she has done Masters.

After taking experience in a firm, Miheeka started her own designing and event management company in Mumbai. Her company – Dew Drop Design – has some of the most powerful personalities of India as its clients. She is much sought after for high class wedding and corporate parties.

Now, by becoming the heartthrob of Rana Durgabati, Miheeka has become a national figure. There is no doubt that her association with Rana will also help her to further give a boost to her business. It’s all business, dude!

Who is Vygha Reddy, the Second Wife of Dil Raju?

That Dil Raju was feeling urge to get married has not been a secret. But, his marriage has surprised everyone in the way entire ceremony was handled.

Dil Raju with Tejaswini (Vygha Reddy)

First, Dil Raju decided to select a time when none of the film fraternity took part in the ceremony because of lock down. Then, he decided to impose strict secrecy about the identity of his second wife.

Well, the personality of Dil Raju is not something like that.

The marriage album has been released on the social media. But, the identity of the bride has still remained under the carpet. Why? We don’t know.

We are sharing some information about his second wife, which has been become public through various modes.

Profile and Bio of Vygha Reddy

One thing is very much certain that the maiden name of Dil Raju second wife is Tejaswini. But, we don’t know anything about surname. And, because of this, there is quite a high decibel of rumour about her caste. A close source has told that she belongs to Velama community. Some say that she is actually a Brahmin. In any case, Velama seems to be the correct info about the caste of Tejaswini.

Now, Dil raju has decided to change the name of his second wife. She will now be known as VYGHA REDDY.

It is said that the name change was necessitated on the advice of an astrologer. It is believed that Hanshitha Reddy has persuaded her father to follow the advice.

So, officially, Vygha Reddy has become the second wife of Dil Raju.